Top 7 foods to burn fats

Which are the most effective foods to burn fats? The answer of this question will help you to improve your diet and weight loss efforts without any doubt. Check them out below and try to implement them in your diet. These foods will definitely speed up your metabolism and you will be able to burn faster the unpleasant extra fats stored in your body.

The key to faster and successful fat burning is to increase the potential for their burning in each of the activities that you perform every day, from your daily home duties to serious training and exercises. You have to adjust your lifestyle if you want to get in shape. Following any certain diet will not help you to reduce the fats, but eating foods that speed up metabolism is also very essential.

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Anti-cellulite dietary tips

fruitsIs there a cellulite diet? Is it possible to combat cellulite if you keep a certain diet? Probably no, but with a combination of exercises and cosmetic procedures, the proper nutrition can really help you against cellulite.

Cellulite is a change in fibrous subcutaneous fatty tissue. Most often the main cause of cellulite is certain changes of the metabolic processes in your organism. The difference between cellulite and common obesity is that cellulite is characterized by an unpleasant feature – it does not disappear even if you lose weight and do your exercises every day. Other causes of cellulite can be excess female hormones and water retention in the tissues, which results in disruption of water-salt balance and force the blood vessels to narrow.

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Tomato Diet For Weight Loss – Tips From Nutritionists

tomatoTomato diet is good for health of everyone. For this diet, you can choose among a large variety of tomatoes, including cherry. It is important that the fruit should be ripe. It is best to opt for home tomatoes, which are grown on the dacha with your own hands, without the use of chemical fertilizers. But if this is not possible, then you can buy tomatoes from the shops, as long as they were bright red and soft.

Yet, choosing the tomato diet for yourself, do not forget that you should not immediately begin to eat some fresh tomatoes for the whole day. Tomatoes can be boiled, baked on the grill, etc. You can also prepare salads of various kinds, tucking them in any vegetable oil.

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Goji berries – effective against cellulite

goji-barries2Goji berry is a small Asian fruit which is highly valued in the traditional Chinese medicine. Delicious and healthy, goji berries fight against cellulite, premature skin aging and a number of serious diseases. If you implement goji berries in your diet then you will definitely reduce your cellulite and make your body more attractive and shaped.

Goji berries are the fruits of Lycium Barbarum or Lycium Chinese – Asian plant of the family Solanacea. The name “goji” comes from Chinese (gouqizi) since ancient times and the fruit grows in the foothills of the Himalayas. Not coincidentally, there is a legend in China that Himalayan centenarians eat goji berries and this is their secret for longer and happier life.

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Bosu – hemispherical fitness ball

BOSU-BallBosu is a multifunctional hemispherical fitness ball, which becomes more popular among the fans of the non-traditional methods of fitness training. You can use Bosu to perform various exercises, yoga, dance and almost everything you have in your mind. This fitness ball will give you much more opportunities to lose weight and improve your figure. The fun which you will have is guaranteed. Check out below the main advantages and different ways to use the ball.

What is Bosu fitness ball?

Bosu is the English abbreviation for “BOth Side Use”. The unusual fitness device is also called “bosu balance trainer” or “bilateral balance simulator.” The platform is made of plastic with a diameter of about 63 cm, two handles for carrying and rubber hemisphere (30 cm).

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Maca (Lepidium meyenii) – the tropical aphrodisiac

maca-plantMaca is a tropical plant that gives strength and vigor thanks to its high content of amino acids that stimulate the brain activity and sexual function. If you consume more Maca then you will obtain better reflexes and increase your vitality.

Maca (Lepidium meyenii) is a plant with yellow-violet color, which grows in the high mountains at an altitude above 4,000 meters. It originates from the Andes. After long nine months in the ground where it obtains all its valuable minerals, it is dried and then can be stored for many years. Most often you can find it on the market in the form of capsules.

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